Terms & Conditions

Hire health encourages its Members to utilize the World Wide Web to grow their businesses; however, utmost discretion must be used when designing and operating personal Member or Customer websites. It is the responsibility of the Member or Customer to inform Hire health Headquarters in writing of their own personal website address before it becomes operational.

As the governing body of all Hire health business, Hire health has the right to review every Member or Customer website to make sure that the website abides by the regulations and by-laws of Hire health.

All Member or Customers must abide by the following website rules and regulations; any violations may result in harsh civil and criminal penalties.

Elements of Hire health-owned websites, including design, layout, and various components, such as logos, graphics, sounds and /images are Copyrighted material and protected by law. Any duplication, redistribution or imitation in part or in whole is strictly prohibited without the expressed written permission of Hire health.
Permission to use Hire health documents, such as press releases, fliers, comparison charts, etc., found on the Hire health website server is granted, provided that (1) the following statement clearly appears – I am an Independent Member or Customer for Hire health, (2) use of these documents is for informational and non-commercial or personal use only and will not be posted, copied or broadcast in whole or in part on any network computer or other media, and (3) no modifications of any documents are made.
This permission extends to the use of logos and photography of Hire health products.
Permission does NOT extend to the design or layout of any Hire health owned or controlled site, nor to any testimonials or ANY non-product photography (including that of Members or Customers).
Use of Hire health’s copyrighted material for any purpose other than the specified uses is strictly prohibited by law.
Member or Customer websites must clearly state that they represent Independent Member or Customers of Hire health products.
All of the rules and regulations regarding product and income claims also apply to websites.
Under no circumstances may an individual Member or Customer website be linked to Hire health’s corporate website. The single exception would be when a Customer’s home page is created with the assistance of Hire health via the Customer home page development program to be launched in the near future.
In no event will Hire health or its respective suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of profits in connection with the use or performance of products, documents and other tools, including information or lack of information available from Hire health‘s website.
Hire health has the right to request that a Member or Customer shut down his / her Web site if these rules are not followed; failure to do so may result in immediate termination of that Member or Customer.
Other rules may apply to individual situations.


This is a special alert to all Members or Customers regarding websites. We want to thank those of you who have taken the initiative to launch your own website. However, due to federal regulations, all Members or Customers promoting Hire health on their own websites must register their sites with Hire health International.

Regulators are moving in the direction of holding both the individual Members or Customers and the corporation responsible for the content of Member or Customer sites. Your cooperation is mandatory in our effort to comply with federal regulations. We must all work together to protect this wonderful opportunity.

It is imperative that all existing Member or Customer websites be registered with Hire health. If you are planning to launch a site, it must be registered before it launches. Please complete the following two steps in order to register your site.

1. Review Content:
Before registering your site, please eliminate any and all health claims stating that Hire health’s products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. When reviewing the content of your website, ask yourself the following questions: does this sentence in any way imply that the product A) treats a disease, B) prevents a disease, C) cures a disease, or D) attempts to diagnose a disease? If the answer is YES to ANY of those questions, it’s a drug claim and the copy MUST BE REMOVED! Your website content focus should be on promoting health, maintaining health and/or optimizing one’s physical condition. If you have any questions regarding appropriate content, please contact Hire health or stress solutions at UK 0161 839 5335.

2. Contact Hire health to Register Your Site
To register your existing site, or pre-register a pending site, please provide your website address to: matthewbrownell@me.com

Please allow us 2-3 weeks to review your site and contact you with any concerns.

After registering your website, please be aware that Hire health will be reviewing all websites periodically and editing for health claims. As always, we expect our Member or Customers to use professionalism when promoting Hire health. All literature and websites should be free of all exaggerated claims as well as any type of profanity or vulgarity including text, photos, and so forth. We appreciate your prompt cooperation in this matter.

You can have your own picture included in a Hire health Site personal template:

Please send us the photograph that you want to include in your Hire health Site or you can upload yourself in your member area. This should be in the form of a digital image, or a good quality photograph. Polaroid photos cannot be accepted as they are of poor quality.
For all personal photograph(s) to be included on your Hire health Site page, Hire health requires that your attire be neat, clean, professional and appropriate. Business attire and casual business attire are best. However, if it is your intention to depict yourself involved in a family or athletic activity, you may be shown in the appropriate clothing for that activity, provided it is tasteful. (Shirts/jerseys are required.)


Logo Usage

Hire health permits its Members or Customers to use the Hire health logo in their promotional efforts. Uses include, but are not limited to, business cards and stationery, print advertisements, promotional flyers, websites and signage.


Hire health actively encourages our Members or Customers to develop marketing strategies using the Internet. The Internet is a powerful marketing tool, especially in the field of direct sales, and Hire health is committed to the idea of e-commerce. Through our Hire health Site program, Hire health offers Members or Customers an effective and affordable means of creating a genuine e-commerce business.

There are many fantastic ways to use the Internet as a marketing tool. However, there is one Internet marketing practice which Hire health does not allow our Members or Customers to use: “spamming”.

What is “Spamming”?

Spamming is the sending of unsolicited email to persons with whom the sender has no previous relationship.

For example, sending a large number of identical (and generally not personally addressed) messages to a list of email addresses purchased or obtained from any source, for the purpose of introducing a product, or a business opportunity. This email is known as “spam”. In general, the recipient does not like receiving spam. It is not like getting a catalogue in the mail… for one reason or another, spam mail irritates people far more, and reflects negatively on the sender. Also, it is rarely read, especially by the more sophisticated email user, who can quickly differentiate spam from an email message they might want to get.

Non-Spamming Policy

Hire health, as a matter of policy, does not allow our Members or Customers to use “spamming” as a marketing technique.

This policy is consistent with the policies of the Direct Selling Association. In fact, with the overwhelming passage of The Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act of 2000 in the House of Representatives, it is likely that the practice of “spamming” will become illegal in the near future. Among other provisions, this law would give Internet Service Providers the ability to issue significant fines against users caught “spamming” (up to £500 per message, with a limit of £50,000). Of course, should this law be enacted we would have to comply and impose those fines on the Members or Customer who was actually doing the “spamming”.

Additionally, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) in general, and Hire health’s ISP in specific, have clear policies prohibiting both the sending of “spam” email messages, and the collection of the responses to such email, even if sent from another ISP. Hire health Members or Customers who might send “spam” referencing the address of their Hire health Site or the Hire health corporate website, would be in violation of this policy. Such violations could result in the closing of the Member’s or  Customer’s ISP account, and even the closing of Hire health’s ISP account.

Therefore, Hire health prohibits our Members or Customers from “spamming”. Any Hire health Member or Customer found to be in violation is subject to disciplinary action, which could include the revocation of their Hire health Site and/or the termination of their Member or Customer membership.

There are a lot of creative ways to use the Internet as a marketing tool. Try surfing the web for a while and see what others are doing. The Internet is a wonderful new vehicle for all of us and it is creating a whole new market. We just have to learn to use it effectively and within generally accepted good business practices.