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A completely unique first for the industry of networking, because we aim to deliver a truly fair system to build your business.

At the hire health your minimum investment to start your business is only £30, and for your £30 you receive your healthy based product. One of our exclusive supplements will be sent to you on auto ship each month.

Traditionally most networking/affiliate companies ask you to spend over £75 per month to qualify for your bonuses. What’s more, at Hire-health we high load our first line of commission to you.

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There is no cost to join Hire Health. We only need a few details about you and you’re good to go.

YOU can actually join now for FREE and if you only bring 4 people in to your team with you all on autoship you receive £20 commission, so in effect your product, once your friends also introduce four friends is free and you will be earning commissions! FOUR find FOUR and you business is making a profit right away and you enjoy your FREE product in effect. Bring four people into the autoship nutrition program of hire health gets you to a BRONZE member, more on the member levels later and the TWO ways to GOLD! There is no obligation to promote hire health products, autoship is our way of saying thank you as we give you a discount on the RRP of the product, so in affect you are saving money by committing to autoship.

Our opportunity system is a uni-level system of affiliate rewards and for every front line person you introduce into the nutrition autoship program you receive £5 – even if you did nothing else but introduce 4 people you still receive your product, and you can also be rewarded from the people that your 4 people introduce. If your 4 introduce 4 that means you’d have 20 members in your hire health team, giving you a reward from just your 4 people of £88 and their members, because it’s so easy and simple to attract 4 people when you see what we have on offer, you would expect that your friend’s friends would also find 4 each, and amazingly this would bring another 64 people into your group, making a total of 84 members in your team. You receive a commission reward on each order from the 64 also, and yes the Hire-health company will reward you on those levels too.All of this is just from each member finding only 4 new members. It’s the easiest and most simple system devised for rapid rewards and, by the way, if the 64 bring just 4 each that will be 256 people on that next level and 340 in total in your hire-health group and still we only want you to find 4 members each … YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW A MASSIVE GROUP OF NETWORKERS, everyone focuses on finding just four autoship members, it is easy to achieve!

It gets better though, because as a member buying your £30 product we give you access to the same product at Hire health at a discounted price, NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN A BUSINESS FORMAT LIKE THIS!

The product in effect becomes your business card; you buy second or multiple units for just £18 for example and you can sell it to a friends, off line for RRP £35 – they like the product and join your team, it is so easy to do this way.

Incredibly we also give commission on the discounted product, so if your friend buys 10 products for his or her friends at £18 each you are rewarded and this is a reward is carried down 3 levels – another first for the industry!

Now that you enjoy the benefits of our unique system we bring you another unique first in the industry – You now have the opportunity to Hire our health technology products to your friends introducing them with no obligation to buy you can literally hire-health, but we know most people love our products and when they have decided to buy the magic mat for example, the hire price will go towards the full cost, again another first for the industry and an easy way to grow your business!
If you know some one with aching joints, aches, pains or if they want to stay fit, recover quickly from sports or activities, have more energy they can try our home laser for hire or our magicmat for energy giving properties and our on time health watch (coming soon) which stimulates the blood flow via photon energy pulses in to the wrist helping separate the red blood cells for more uptake of energy and oxygen, balancing the bodies blood sugars and more, details of the magic mat and semiconductor laser are on our healing technology page.

We will provide you with your own website!

Some people prefer the business side of things, others prefer product information so for products we give you your own FREE website


or if you prefer


  • No more high monthly fees
  • No more having to bring hundreds to your team, focus on just finding four and watch your team fly
  • NOW you can hire health technology – we are so convinced of our products you can hire them before purchase.
  • EVEN MORE, WE MENTIONED BRONZE LEVEL for bringing four friends into your business and when you are a member at bronze level you are rewarded with a reduced rate on the healing technology and themagimat, this increases to SILVER for eight members on autoship for the nutrition, fourteen members and you are GOLD and there are two ways to GOLD, this is the most hybrid easiest most unique network marketing plan in the world, specifically and exclusively for HIRE HEALTH.
  • We mentioned two ways to GOLD, when you purchase our technology themagicmat your own purchase takes you to BRONZE level straight away, 7 more magicmat sales from any where in your team and you will be at SILVER, 12 and you are GOLD.

Coming soon - we train you how to best use the products from one of Europe’s most eminent health practitioners
Matthew Brownell, alignment protocols and advanced product applications will be available soon.

The future is bright and it feels good to have a hire-health

Try it!? Join a hire health vision and start your business today!