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With more than 20 years experience in the health sector, we have developed a collection of unique, highly effective products and services to HIRE or buy!


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We have been involved in the health sector for well over 20 years. At Hire-health we have one mission and that is to work with all members in a powerful way to provide you with only the best tried, tested and highly recommended health products to reach a higher health.


Over 20 years experience and dedication to customers from all aspects of the health sector, we continue to dedicate ourselves to providing the best products and service


Our work has lead us to work with some of the uk's biggest companies and names such as Nike Sports, Premiership sports teams, coaches and players, Spa's and health outlets

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Our Team

Matthew Brownell, Author, lecturer, practitioner for over 23 years has brought all his experience with working in the field of health and wellness to Hire health. Matthew's work has taken him all over the world and his reputation is such that many top athletes and individuals have travelled from across the globe to sample his unique muscle alignment technique.

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