Welcome to the HIRE HEALTH - a completely unique first for the industry of networking because we aim to deliver a truly fair system to build your business.

At the HIRE HEALTH our minimum investment to start your business can be as little as only £30, and for your £30 you receive your healthy product (worth RRP £37 egglixir as an example).

Traditionally most networking companies ask you to spend over £75 per month to qualify for your bonuses. What’s more, at the Hire health we high load our first line of commission to you. Taking the example of you introducing only 6 people in your team all on autoship and your product is FREE!

Our system is a unilevel system and for every front line person you introduce on autoship nutritional product programme you recieve £5 - even if you did nothing else but introduce 6 people you still recieve your product, and you can also be rewarded from the people that your 6 people introduce. If your 6 introduce 6 that means you’d have 36 members in your hire health team, giving you a reward from just your 6 people of *£94 (as an example) every month. Please keep in mind you do not have to refer people or can refer as many as you like, the possibilities are limiless.

Because it’s so easy and simple to attract 6 people you would expect that your friend’s friends would also find 6 each, and amazingly this would bring another 64 people into your group, making a total of 84. You receive a commission on each order from the 64 also, and yes the Hire health team will reward you on the next 2 levels.

All of this is just from each member finding only 6 new members. It’s the easiest and most simple system devised for rapid rewards and, by the way, if the 64 bring just 4 each that will be 256 people on that next level and 340 in total in your hire health team.

It's the fairest and easiest system as you only need to focus on bringing 4-6 people! … and it gets better! Some people prefer the business side of things, others prefer product information.

When you join the Hire health team we give you your own personalised free website :